What is Newhaven Counseling & Health Services?

Newhaven is a comprehensive Community Mental Health Center and Certified Community Behavioral Health Center serving Calhoun, Columbia, Dallas, Nevada, Ouachita, and Union Counties in Arkansas, as well as those in the surrounding area.

Our Mission

At Newhaven, it is our mission to provide excellent and effective behavioral health, substance abuse, and intellectual and developmental disability services to meet the needs of the communities we serve.

Newhaven promises to serve all clients, offer discounted fees for clients who qualify, and not deny services based on a person’s race, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or person’s inability to pay. A discounted/sliding fee scale is available to those who quality based on family size and income.

The Newhaven Vision

Newhaven envisions a community where people affected by behavioral health issues, substance abuse issues, and intellectual and developmental disabilities will receive the services they need and deserve, allowing them to live a better quality of life.

Our values are built on respect.


Respect for the uniqueness and value of each individual, family, and community we serve.


Excellence in the quality of our services and care provided by development and investment in those that provide care and services.


Sustainability through good stewardship of our resources and openness to innovations care.


Partnerships with clients, organizations, and communities.


Encourage healthy life choices, individual growth and development and supporting recovery.


Commitment to a high standard of excellence of by staff development to provide evidence-based service in order to meet the needs of those we serve.


Teamwork and collaboration both internally and externally for betterment for all.

Can Newhaven help you?

Yes! At Newhaven, the therapists participate in ongoing training and have incorporated evidence-based practices into the care they provide. We offer a broad range of treatment and services based on the identified need of the individual, couples, children, adolescent, and family.  We also provide group therapy for those wanting to participate in it.  Medication evaluation and ongoing medication management are provided by our doctors and APN, if these services are needed and there is a willingness to receive these services.    

Specialty programs, including structured therapeutic services, outpatient substance use treatment, and an intensive community-based treatment, have been developed to address the needs of individuals requiring that level of care.

Emergency and crisis services provides assessment for psychiatric inpatient care, stabilization services to prevent unnecessary hospitalization and disaster response should the need arise. Upon request, staff will provide education, information, and consultation services to organizations, schools, community groups, agencies or public service providers.      

We want to help.

Newhaven was established to serve the people just like you -regardless of race, color, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age, or national origin. Our goal is to offer services to those in need of mental health, substance use, and integrated health care.  

We are committed to treating those we serve with respect, excellence in the quality of services and care, commitment to a high standard of care, encouraging health life choices through a team approach to provision of the care we provide to those that seek care with us.  

We will strive to assist you in enhancing the quality of your life and that of your family and community in which you live.  

The Newhaven Story

In 1967, the establishment of South Arkansas Regional Health Center was the result of the commitment of our state to develop an outpatient system of care for those dealing with mental illness throughout Arkansas.  It was founded and continues to operate as a private, not-for-profit community mental health center.  

In 2021, the Center changed its name to Newhaven Counseling & Health Services to better reflect its purpose and commitment to those we serve.  It provides a wealth of treatment options and invests in the development of the expansion of evidence-based care practices and programs. This commitment is to ensure the quality of behavioral health services to best meet the needs of individuals, families, and communities.  The strive for excellence resulted in the successful effort to be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and has continued to be in place.  In July 2021, notification from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration was received that a Certified Community Behavioral Health Center Expansion grant had been awarded to the center.  Over the next two years, we will be in the process of implementing and expanding to provide integrated health and expand the array of intensive behavioral health programs.

The clinical staff members of Newhaven are dedicated professionals, highly trained with experience in treating the variety of life problems, psychiatric conditions, substance use, and assisting others in making changes, developing skills and methods for dealing with issues and concerns.  Services are client-directed regarding setting goals, involvement in the process of treatment planning and full participation in their care.  All services are provided in a confidential manner.

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